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The Frame

Samsung The Frame

Everything in our home, our furniture, artwork and decor is part of our personal aesthetic. And yet, for the 20+ hours a day the TV is turned off, it’s a black box in our Home


What if the TV display in my home delivered a different experience that added value to my daily routine? What if the TV disappeared in the décor when it’s not in use?



Industrial Design Team

Yves Béhar
Arthur Kenzo
Alex Farrow

Experience Design Team

Anthony Decosta
Gaël Jaffrezic

Before, your TV was a black screen in your living room.
Now, Samsung The Frame is displaying Art anytime you are around, using precise smart sensors. You will never experience a black screen again.

The digital interface of ‘Art Mode’ needed to be accessible for any user, while still respecting the integrity of the art. Research, prototyping and testing were used to design the perfect Interface to display art on a scree.

To have a truly experience-led product, we needed to cohesively approach hardware and software. But just displaying art on a TV wasn’t the solution. We sought to design the future of displays in the home. The Art mode UI allows users to explore art by artist or genre to select which pieces get displayed. Using The Frame app they can also display their own pictures following strict Art like rules.

Samsung unveiled on March 14th 2017 its premium line-up of QLED TVs and The Frame at a global TV launch event in Le Louvre, Paris, France.