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Flaske Smart Bottle

Flaske Smart Bottle

The fellow worker bottle. 


In a world getting more and more connected, where the technology is a growing part of our life, we wanted to know what could be the benefit of using it to understand our surroundings. As society push us to increase our productivity we wanted to use sensors to aggregate data and use them to enhance our immediate environment.



Industrial Design Team

Gaël Jaffrezic
Thomas Chevillotte

We started to look at what environment factors has effects on our cognitive skills. After reading research and thesis on this subject, we established what would be the data we will look for, to create a data driven fellow worker.

The main issue was lights as we tend to work on closed rooms with very few natural light and it’s affecting directly our energy. We then put special emphasis on temperature and humidity. We also found that a really easy way to boost work productivity was to drink more water and at a constant pace.

With that in mind we started working on a connected bottle that can tell us information about our drinking habit and our work environment. Flaske is the result of this exploration. A minimal designed bottle and a remarkably simple to use personal environment monitor that track your daily drinking habits and connects sensors to your phone to collect and analyze the quality of your surroundings. This connected bottle captures environmental data and encouraged users to consume more water during the day.

The principle is simple, it retrieves via a radio antenna real time data such as intensity light (Lux), temperature (° C) and humidity (%). We transform this data into a visual feedback using colored led to tell you how good your real-time environment is.
Flaske is divided into three parts:
– The lower part, store the Arduino board and components.
– The central piece, a Plexiglas plate for diffusing the light of the LED’s. This part
convert raw data (environmental data) into a light signal.
– The top part is a removable bottle that you can fill with water. In connection with the lower part it tracks the volume of water you consumed during the day.

Flaske bottle works with an app as we are aware off concentration problems we specifically worked on the notification system, for the bottle itself and for app.
The bottle use smooth lights and soft vibrations to inform you when your environment is becoming bad and when you must drink some water.